why dips?

Man doing dips

Tricep (or bench) dips are a basic and common exercise, widely regarded as the most effective method of toning the upper arm. The tricep muscles located on the back of the upper arm are traditionally a difficult area to tone, especially for women.

Dips are a compound move, involving both the elbow and the shoulder joint, and use a persons own body weight as resistance. In line with my other workout programs, tricep dips can be performed almost anywhere and do not require weights or other expensive equipment.

If you're looking to develop impressive, toned upper arms, you could do much worse than follow along with the one fifty dips plan.

To tone your triceps and improve your arm strength, all you need to do is commit about 30 minutes per week, and follow the dips training program as closely as you can. I promise you will feel much better about yourself and much more confident after just a few short workouts.

Note: If you have a pre-existing shoulder problem, you may want to avoid this exercise.

Good luck!

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